Joel Mercieca Golf Coaching


  • Certified Australian PGA Professional Advanced: Coaching
  • TrackMan Certified Master
  • TPI Certified Level 2 Golf Professional
  • TPI Certified Level 2 Junior Coach
  • K-Vest Level 2 Certified (3d biomechanical feedback)
  • Focus Band Certified



  • Private Tuition
  • Junior Development Programing
  • Beginner Classes
  • Ladies Classes
  • TPI Screenings/Golf Specific Exercise Programs
  • TrackMan Data Analysis
  • Short Game Coaching
  • Structured Practice Plans
  • High Performance Coaching for Elite Level Players
  • Club Fitting
  • Public Speaking/Presentations

After turning professional and becoming a full member of the Australian PGA in 2011, Joel Mercieca has focused his time on furthering his skillset in the field of golf coaching and club fitting specializing in a wholistic approach golf coaching to ensure that he is providing his students with the best solution for all individual cases.

As a true scholar of the game of golf, Joel has endeavored to seek out the best information and most recent coaching techniques from around the globe to help with his golf coaching services and believes

that improvement in the game of golf is something that is best achieved by assessing one’s game from a technical, physical, mental and tactical standpoint.

“I am a strong believer that with the correct information and a structured plan anyone can see improvement in their game, no matter what level they are playing at. I am also a strong believer that there is not one way to swing the golf club, however I do believe that there is one ideal way to swing the club based on what a player physically can or cannot do. Having this approach allows my students to see unencumbered improvement whilst minimizing the risk of injury”

Joel Mercieca



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